Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm being Baptized!

Hello again,

Well and other week has been and gone. As usual it was action packed!

I have been lucky enough to visit my cousin Zoë quite a bit lately. We went there on Saturday night. Mum and dad at this amazing 3-course meal while I only had boring old milk. At least Zoë had milk as well so I wasn't left out!

We went back to Zoë’s on Monday because Peta and Jackson were going to be there. I was really surprised when Aunty Bette, Uncle Pin AND Nanna Pat all came to visit too. It was great, when Pin and Peta went into the city, mum and Kate went for a walk. That meant that 'The Nannas' were looking after the three of us. Naturally, being the great kids we are, we were no trouble at all!

Traditionally, we were not all awake or smiling at the same time, but the grown-ups did manage to take a few dozen photos!

I also went to a great 21st birthday party at a restaurant in South Bank, where (as usual) I was in more photos than the birthday girl!

I am hoping for a quiet time this weekend, with a bit of shopping, go to Melissa's Baby Shower and maybe watch some footy (the Hammerheads in Kensington).

Don't forget, that if you are in Melbourne next weekend, to join us for a picnic in Footscray.
See you all soon, I hope
Love AJ Pickle


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