Sunday, July 16, 2006

22 July 2002

Hello Everyone,

Well my international adventures have begun. We left our home for Melbourne Airport at 7am on Monday morning. Nanna Pat, Poppy Pete, Auntie Sharn, Grandma Corrie, Grandad Bernie, Auntie Sam, Graeme and Paula, Uncle Pin, Auntie Bette, Danielle and Lou were all there to say goodbye to us. After about a few billion photos, and a few tears, it was time to go through the ‘crying doors’.

By the time we had our passports checked and made it through the terminal to our gate, it should have been time to board the plane. Unfortunately the plane was delayed for about 2 hours. I curled up for a sleep on the floor to wait.

We were first to board the plane and the flight was pretty good - although I wish mum and dad would upgrade us to Business Class because I didn’t have enough room to stretch my legs as I was feeding!

It didn’t take long to get through customs or to collect our luggage, so it wasn’t long until we were in the taxi with Sall and on our way to Auckland and our new home.

It is really exciting; our apartment is about one block from Queen Street, the main street of the city. After we unpacked, we all went for a wander through the city. It is quite like Melbourne, except there are no trains or trams.

I think that I am going to have heaps of fun in New Zealand. We have been here for only a few days, and already I am enrolled in swimming lessons, Jumping Beans Movement and Music Classes (like Gymbaroo I think) and a playgroup. That should keep me, and mum, busy! As well as all of this, we are all planning on going traveling this weekend, probably to the Coromandel Peninsula. I can’t wait.

Oh well, I had better go and hassle mum and dad to get the internet connected at home so that I can send you all more details of my adventures.

Love AJ Pickle, International Adventurer.

bed-time, 14 July 2002

July 14th 2002.

Hello everyone,

My apologies for not writing to you all to keep you up-to-date with what we have been up to, but I have been far too busy to sit still.

It is only 1 more sleep until we go to New Zealand (which is about 7 of my sleeps)! It is starting to get exciting. I am all packed and ready to go.

I will write to you all soon & send photos of my adventures,
Love AJ Pickle, International Adventurer.

Big News - some time during May 2002

Hello again,
Well yet again it has been another busy few weeks – staying with a baby sitter, catching up with friends, going out to dinner, being baptized AND getting a passport organized, but more about that later!
I have been to visit Graeme and Paula. They are just back from their honeymoon in France and Italy where they bought me this really cool train that is made with the letters of my name. Ellen has also been overseas; she is just back from England where she was visiting her sister Anna. Ellen bought me back some ace clothes. I am going to be the biggest yuppie kid in the neighbourhood, wearing ‘Baby Gap’! Even Anna who hasn’t even met me yet sent over a present – more really cool yuppie clothes. I am pretty lucky to have friends who think I am cute and spoil me rotten!
I had my first ever adventures with a baby sitter – Aunty Sharn has looked after me twice while mum and dad went out for dinner with people they work with. Both times I had a good night. I didn’t play up too much because I want Aunty Sharn to baby-sit for me again.
Last weekend it was my baptism. Luckily it didn’t rain and we all had a great picnic in the park. There were heaps of people there; I even got to meet Paul, Tash and Karl for the first time. The priest, Father Mick even bought Mozart his dog along for the day. Thanks to everyone who gave me presents, you didn’t have to – but I am glad you did because they are all really cool.
AND NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS, yep you read correctly, I have to get a passport because we are moving to Auckland for four months. I can’t wait to have adventures in another country, although I will miss everyone heaps. We are not leaving until July so I imagine I will be really busy visiting everyone before I leave.
Hopefully my grand parents will get a chance to come and visit me. Maybe a few friends will even fly over to play with me. Luckily I am building a web site, so everyone who doesn’t visit will get a chance to see my adventures on-line. My home page is at, but the site isn’t finished yet, whenever I get a chance I try to update it.
I have to go now – I’ve got to get ready for my baby class.
Love AJ Pickle.
PS. As well as all of this, I have got 3 new cousins – William, Darcy and a little girl so new she hasn’t been named yet! Hopefully I will get to meet them all before we leave!

I'm being Baptized!

Hello again,

Well and other week has been and gone. As usual it was action packed!

I have been lucky enough to visit my cousin Zoë quite a bit lately. We went there on Saturday night. Mum and dad at this amazing 3-course meal while I only had boring old milk. At least Zoë had milk as well so I wasn't left out!

We went back to Zoë’s on Monday because Peta and Jackson were going to be there. I was really surprised when Aunty Bette, Uncle Pin AND Nanna Pat all came to visit too. It was great, when Pin and Peta went into the city, mum and Kate went for a walk. That meant that 'The Nannas' were looking after the three of us. Naturally, being the great kids we are, we were no trouble at all!

Traditionally, we were not all awake or smiling at the same time, but the grown-ups did manage to take a few dozen photos!

I also went to a great 21st birthday party at a restaurant in South Bank, where (as usual) I was in more photos than the birthday girl!

I am hoping for a quiet time this weekend, with a bit of shopping, go to Melissa's Baby Shower and maybe watch some footy (the Hammerheads in Kensington).

Don't forget, that if you are in Melbourne next weekend, to join us for a picnic in Footscray.
See you all soon, I hope
Love AJ Pickle

5 April 2002

Howdy everyone,

Well Easter has been and gone, and not only did I get to see all of my family, I was given heaps of presents – Easter eggs, bunnies and clothes. Imagine how much fun it will be when I can actually eat my own Easter eggs. I can’t wait! I celebrated Easter on Good Friday with my parents, grand parents and aunts and uncles. We all had a picnic in Footscray Park. Even though it rained a bit, we still had a great day.

This week mum and I went to a ‘new mothers (and baby) group. I got to meet heaps of new people, including Annabelle who was born on the same day as me. Next week Annabelle’s mum is going to show us our numerology profiles. It should be interesting, but I already know that I am going to be creative and talented!

Yesterday I went to Geelong to visit Adam and Melani. When we got home I noticed that mum was beginning to look a little tired after the drive, and so was dad, he had to prepare for a trip to Sydney. I decided that it was time too sleep right through the night just to give them both some extra sleep. They were pleasantly surprised (or shocked) when I didn’t wake them until 7am, when dad had to get ready for work.

I have another busy weekend planned, I am visiting Brett, Kate and Zoë for dinner tomorrow night, going to a 21st dinner on Sunday and then going back to Zoë’s on Monday to visit Peta and Jackson. It should be interesting to see all three cousins together – hopefully we will all be awake at the same time for some photos.

I hope all of you are well, and I will send you another letter and more photos soon.

Love AJ Pickle

7 weeks - 25 March 2002

Hello again,

Things have finally started to quieten down on the social scene. I really haven’t had a lot to do other than look really cute and grow heaps. I now weigh over 5 ½ kilos; that is more than a bag of spuds – not bad for 7 weeks!
Friday night we picked dad up from work and headed out to Camberwell to visit Matt and Liss Campbell for dinner with the soon to be parents. I can’t wait until June when they have their baby; it will be great to have another playmate. While I was there I met Kermit the Frog who read me my bedtime story.
Saturday morning I was up bright and early. We went to Bacchus Marsh to meet Father Mick and to plan my baptism. I am going to be baptized on Saturday the 20th of April, in the park where mum and dad were married. Of course you are all invited, I will email you the details when the plans are finalized. We went back to Melbourne via Sunbury to pay a quick visit to Grandma Corrie.
With nothing else planned for the day, we decided to go to Eltham to visit Brett, Kate and Zoë. It was great to see Zoë again, but unfortunately our schedules conflict – Zoë is asleep when I am awake and vise-versa. We never seem to get much time together, just a brief hello before another feed and nap. Nevertheless, it was great to catch up again.
By Sunday, I was all tuckered out and spent most of the day resting or sleeping on the couch!
I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.
Love AJ Pickle.

Plans for Easter - 18 March 2002

Subject: Easter

Mum and dad will give you a call with more details. I hope to see you all there.

Love AJ Pickle

6 weeks old - 13 March 2002

Hello everyone,

I thought it was time that I write and let you know what I have been up to in the first 6 weeks of my life.

I am always busy and quite the socialite. I have been to visit all of my grandparents and my great grandparents. I have also met a lot of my extended family, including my great auntie Lucy and my cousins Jackson and Zoë. I have also been to 3 weddings, 3 birthday parties, had a trip to the zoo, and been on holiday to Daylesford for the long weekend.

As well as all of this, I also manage to do all of the regular baby stuff, like eating all of the time, waking my parents during the night (although not very often, I like to let them get sleep) and getting weighed and measured.

At my last weigh-in I was 5.24 kilos and 59cm long. I am healthy and happy; all in all I am a perfect child.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of a few of my adventures.

Love AJ Pickle.

Alexander Jay McConville

Hello everyone, my name is Alexander Jay McConville.

Well I finally arrived at 9.46pm on Wednesday January 30th, after putting my mum through 12 hours of (inhospital) labour. I am fit and well, weighing in at a tidy 4.050kg (or 8 pound 15). I didn't like staying in hospital, so I came home when I was almost 40 hours old.
Thank you all for your love and support both before I was born and since.
Love Alexander Jay McConville

Meet the Pickle

Subject: meet the pickle
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 15:26:36 +1000 (EST)
Hello everyone, My name is 'the Pickle' and I am due to be born some time between January 24 and February 5, 2002. I haven't let anyone find out if I am a boy or a girl yet, but I would be interested in finding out whatyou think I am! At the moment, my skull is 47mm across and my thigh bone is 36mm long, and I am still growing rapidly. See you all soon, The Pickle.