Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big News - some time during May 2002

Hello again,
Well yet again it has been another busy few weeks – staying with a baby sitter, catching up with friends, going out to dinner, being baptized AND getting a passport organized, but more about that later!
I have been to visit Graeme and Paula. They are just back from their honeymoon in France and Italy where they bought me this really cool train that is made with the letters of my name. Ellen has also been overseas; she is just back from England where she was visiting her sister Anna. Ellen bought me back some ace clothes. I am going to be the biggest yuppie kid in the neighbourhood, wearing ‘Baby Gap’! Even Anna who hasn’t even met me yet sent over a present – more really cool yuppie clothes. I am pretty lucky to have friends who think I am cute and spoil me rotten!
I had my first ever adventures with a baby sitter – Aunty Sharn has looked after me twice while mum and dad went out for dinner with people they work with. Both times I had a good night. I didn’t play up too much because I want Aunty Sharn to baby-sit for me again.
Last weekend it was my baptism. Luckily it didn’t rain and we all had a great picnic in the park. There were heaps of people there; I even got to meet Paul, Tash and Karl for the first time. The priest, Father Mick even bought Mozart his dog along for the day. Thanks to everyone who gave me presents, you didn’t have to – but I am glad you did because they are all really cool.
AND NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS, yep you read correctly, I have to get a passport because we are moving to Auckland for four months. I can’t wait to have adventures in another country, although I will miss everyone heaps. We are not leaving until July so I imagine I will be really busy visiting everyone before I leave.
Hopefully my grand parents will get a chance to come and visit me. Maybe a few friends will even fly over to play with me. Luckily I am building a web site, so everyone who doesn’t visit will get a chance to see my adventures on-line. My home page is at, but the site isn’t finished yet, whenever I get a chance I try to update it.
I have to go now – I’ve got to get ready for my baby class.
Love AJ Pickle.
PS. As well as all of this, I have got 3 new cousins – William, Darcy and a little girl so new she hasn’t been named yet! Hopefully I will get to meet them all before we leave!


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