Sunday, July 16, 2006

22 July 2002

Hello Everyone,

Well my international adventures have begun. We left our home for Melbourne Airport at 7am on Monday morning. Nanna Pat, Poppy Pete, Auntie Sharn, Grandma Corrie, Grandad Bernie, Auntie Sam, Graeme and Paula, Uncle Pin, Auntie Bette, Danielle and Lou were all there to say goodbye to us. After about a few billion photos, and a few tears, it was time to go through the ‘crying doors’.

By the time we had our passports checked and made it through the terminal to our gate, it should have been time to board the plane. Unfortunately the plane was delayed for about 2 hours. I curled up for a sleep on the floor to wait.

We were first to board the plane and the flight was pretty good - although I wish mum and dad would upgrade us to Business Class because I didn’t have enough room to stretch my legs as I was feeding!

It didn’t take long to get through customs or to collect our luggage, so it wasn’t long until we were in the taxi with Sall and on our way to Auckland and our new home.

It is really exciting; our apartment is about one block from Queen Street, the main street of the city. After we unpacked, we all went for a wander through the city. It is quite like Melbourne, except there are no trains or trams.

I think that I am going to have heaps of fun in New Zealand. We have been here for only a few days, and already I am enrolled in swimming lessons, Jumping Beans Movement and Music Classes (like Gymbaroo I think) and a playgroup. That should keep me, and mum, busy! As well as all of this, we are all planning on going traveling this weekend, probably to the Coromandel Peninsula. I can’t wait.

Oh well, I had better go and hassle mum and dad to get the internet connected at home so that I can send you all more details of my adventures.

Love AJ Pickle, International Adventurer.


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